2017 DJ CAMP


A week of DJ Camp at The Unincorporated Life is exactly what you make of it. It’s a platform to express your individuality…a place where you can be you. It all starts with an idea, a unique point of inspiration. You’ll source images that reflect your sound and structure them into a vision board. Remember what inspired you as you develop your logo and select the perfect DJ name that will form the base of your brand. Our professional DJ team works closely with you each step of the way as you learn the process behind bringing your style and sound together. You will be learning how to use a professional DJ controller and be challenged to create your personal set …You will have an industry at your feet, and the potential to take your creative ideas as far as you want them to go. This premium DJ experience reaches its crescendo at a show for your family, friends, and potential fans. You take center stage and unveil your personal DJ set, and present the source of your inspiration.

Ages: 8-18

All Skill Levels Welcome

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