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Makeup is more than covering up blemishes and hiding flaws. It can be an art form that creates fantasy, horror, drama and more. Dating back to ancient Egyptians and native tribes, it has been a tool of self-expression for thousands of years.

Here at The Unincorporated Life we work closely with professional makeup artists all year long, and the relationships we have cultivated have transformed into a talented team of artists that can educate our students on the world of possibilities makeup offers.

Develop Your Makeup Line

Your entrepreneurial journey begins with the distillation of ideas into a vision board that will become the focal point for your own makeup line and continues with gaining essential knowledge about the craft. Learn the importance of makeup hygiene and the difference between beauty, high fashion, and film/movie makeup.

Use natural, organic ingredients to develop your own eyeshadow palette and lipstick. Create a customer profile for your makeup line. Work with our graphic designers to develop the perfect logo for your products. Brand your unique makeup line and document beauty, high-fashion, and film/movie looks with a full photo shoot.

Work With Your Client

Find a student with similar creative vibes and create a face chart that complements the style of their unique fashion label. Work with that fashion designer to create the look they worked on for the show and apply their makeup to take their fashion label to the next level.

Take Center Stage

Bring in your own makeup kit if you desire or use one of ours to supplement your product. Apply your own makeup at the end of the week of camp to show off your new makeup line at the Unincorporated Fashion Show.