One of our most popular experiences, and available for the first time in the comfort of your own home, this Six-Note Fragrance Lab contains everything you need to design a custom fragrance.
Learn about top, heart, and base notes and the art of designing your own fragrance as you create an original scent and add a powerful skill to your repertoire.
With easy-to-follow instructions, quality tools, and natural oils, you can experience the magic of mixology as you conjure something truly unique.
So dim the lights, put on some harmonic music, and get ready to turn your work space into a science lab. Make this experience your own and dive into the perfumer’s world of smell.
Learn professional practices that will stay with you for life. Armed with the talent of a fragrance artist, You’ll be able to design custom fragrances for clients and friends or take your knowledge to the next level and start a business with your newly-acquired skill set.
Develop your brand and create great products with this awesome class in a box!

What’s Included:
+ 6-Note Fragrance Library (2ml bottles)
+ 2 Fragrance Bottles (15ml bottles)
+ 1 Bottle Fractionated Coconut Oil (30ml bottle)
+ 1 Lux Metal Funnel
+ 10 Pipettes
+ 1 Glass Beaker
+ 10 Scent Strips
+ 2 Black Velvet Travel Bags
+ 1 Coffee Bean Compact
+ 1 Unincorporated Pen
+ 2 Black Latex Gloves
+ 1 Golden Lux Working Mat
+ 1 Sticker Sheet
Fragrance Library Contains:
Top Notes
White Tea
Heart Notes
Cedar Wood
Base Notes
Oud Wood
+ Educational
+ Entrepreneurial
+ ECO-Friendly: Where possible, our packaging and tools are sourced in glass, metal or wood
+ For Kids and Adults (Ages 10 and up)
+ Great for parents and kid to do together!