Make your own designer fragrance at an Unincorporated Fragrance Lab and conduct an aromatic symphony that instantly evokes an emotion. Your perfumer can teach you about different notes and get your nose acquainted with a myriad of smells, but it’s up to you to combine the right ingredients into a one-of-a-kind representation of your original line. Experiment with an entire organ of oils as you combine the ingredients that will make up your original fragrance. Work with graphic designers and develop a new, creative angle or add another layer to your brand. Select and customize a glass perfume bottle, branded with your logo. Release your new scent to the world.

  • Gain insight into our least understood, most primal sense.
  • Select base, middle, and high notes from a library of essential oils.
  • Experiment with mixology to create the perfect tincture.
  • Choose the bottle that will hold your elixir, and brand it with your logo.
  • Leave with a one-of-a-kind fragrance; designed, bottled, and branded by you.
  • Sell/order more bottles.

Note: Class is all ages (Kids & Adults)

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