Each student we work with is dedicated to his or her creative vision.

Still, some young designers are so motivated, so completely focused on developing their brand, that they require special attention.

The Unincorporated Ultimate 2 is focused instruction from one of our professional fashion designers, split between only two students to ensure total immersion in the art of fabric manipulation.

Students who enroll in this manner will delve deeper into the skills inherent in fashion design and gain access to advanced techniques and equipment.

This program is tailored for the motivated, and allows for more intricate projects, deeper concentration, and ultimately more knowledge on which to build in the future.

While the structure of this lesson allows advanced students the time/space to hone their skills, it is also a great option for beginners who simply prefer to have more one-on-one time instead of working in a group setting.

As always, our design staff adapts to each students individual needs and skill level so no one is left behind.

TIME: 4:00pm-6:00pm

AGES 6-18


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