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Interested in a more extensive fashion design experience? Consider signing up for The Unincorporated Life’s  Ultimate Two program where creativity meets a more personal one on one setting with professional guidance from our knowledgeable fashion designers. No more than two students per instructor a class, these smaller group sessions allows for a more comprehensive learning experience direct from industry experienced instructors. Our intensified curriculum pioneers the way for students to expand their knowledge in fashion, but also gives way for a heightened sense of responsibility, and artistic expression as you transform from designer to creative director.


Designed for future fashion industry leaders, the Ultimate Two program encourages each student to strive for a larger vision as they conceptualize their capsule collection for the spring 2018 fashion show. No longer just fashion designers, but fully blossomed creative directors, participants now have a wider range of freedom to express their creative vision.

Same curriculum structure as in Fashion Class you will organize your ideas onto an industry standard mood board and work with both the fashion and graphic designers to create a brand and logo suited for you. You’ll work side by side with your instructor as you create a cohesive clothing line that you’ll work on from concept to physical garment in the midst of a couple months, and create a larger than life editorial spread featured in the Unincorporated Life magazine. If you choose to continue the program you’ll be able to extend your line and also take part in filming a commercial campaign for your line, which will be featured before your collection’s personal debuting show presented right before the April 28, 2018 fashion show, complete with a customized runway score and friends turned model casting call to complete your vision.