March 02, 2015 3 min read

There was a time when the fashion label, NONCHALANT, didn’t exist. It was born out of a love of street culture—a hip hop-inspired, casual clothing line centered on physical comfort and the purity of self-expression.

Its creator, Kyrie, began taking in-home, private lessons with us nearly four years ago. Her creative focus set the foundation for success as she worked closely with The Unincorporated Life to sharpen the technical skills inherent in the art of fashion design and learn about the myriad of responsibilities required to get a clothing line off the ground.

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The details of our job evolved alongside her brand as we coached her through the process, moving towards professional production and eventual sale to the public. Sewing lessons became more structured as we branched off into pattern drafting, a flawless and mathematically accurate model needed for each specific piece of each garment. We then took the patterns to get them professionally graded to ensure waste—and therefore cost—was minimized during the cutting process.

Many of our lessons involved travelling throughout Downtown LA’s Fashion District to source the perfect fabric, and once selected, we journeyed to a company specializing in high-quality, digital printing. She created her own, original textiles, and sewed up the samples that the manufacturers would reference while duplicating her designs. She worked with us to build a cost sheet as we carefully calculated the myriad of expenses inherent in production—perhaps the most important aspect of turning fashion design into a real business.

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Finally, using our professional contacts and coordinating with her friends, we helped organize a photo shoot complete with professional models and hair and makeup artists, the high-quality, digital images and product shots then being used as the focal point around which we built her website, NONCHALANT.LA.

She worked hard and delegated tasks to her team when necessary, the mark of a true entrepreneur.

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All of this effort was finally crystalized last Saturday at The Bank Sale, the largest street wear expo in southern California. NONCHALANT had its official debut at the Anaheim Convention Center along side Unincorporated Clothing’s “Hustle Hollywood” line, and our booths fueled each other throughout the nine-hour event. Clothing was sold, good times were had, and the long hours of design and years of work came together in a casual but potent expression of one student’s drive.

Now 18 years of age, Kyrie has nothing but success to look forward to. With NONCHALANT’s official launch behind her, she can now focus on the refinement of her designs and the forward march of her brand. Her clothing line is an extension of herself, a physical representation of that which inspires her, founded upon the same maxims we teach through our classes and camps.

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Our lessons with Kyrie continue as we take the next steps toward ramping up sales and working on new designs. We remain committed to all of our students, imparting the knowledge necessary to actually move an idea forward and produce visible results.

Helping Kyrie build NONCHALANT allowed us to apply the full power of our brand, from technical education to professional photography, branding, web design, and inclusion in our online magazine. As our organization grows, this professional web will continue to strengthen our network and allow us all to be collectively capable of more.

The Unincorporated Life is dedicated to total immersion in the industry and lifestyle of the modern designer, and we look forward to growing along side our students, helping them build the brands that empower their lives for years to come.


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