Stuck at home, wishing you could design & build a brand? Don’t worry, that’s how ours got started!

The Unincorporated Life is back to its roots with an in-home sewing and brand-building experience, that will make you wonder why you didn’t work from home before. Your mind can travel farther than your body, so forget about driving back and forth this fall. One of our seasoned fashion designers & brand builders will come to you.

One-On-One: Design whatever your imagination can come up with, including Halloween costumes, holiday dresses, and designer outfits…the sky’s the limit!

Groups of 2-4 Students: Start and finish a completed project, during each class session. You’ll come up with a list of projects in the first class that resonate with the group. In each successive class you will bring that idea into fruition. Some simple ideas include: scrunchies, throw pillows, scarves, circle skirts, face masks, etc.

Learn how to use that old sewing machine that’s been collecting dust, or your Unincorporated Instructor will bring a fully-equipped, modern machine from our Hollywood studio. When the going gets weird, the sane stay inside. Stay home this fall and let us come to you. The only limit is your creativity, so start brainstorming now and work from the comfort of your own domain with In-Home Private Lessons. Let's start creating!


Ages 6+
Two Hour Class
Ages 6+
All Skill Levels Welcome
Registration Non-Refundable
One-On-One or Up To 4 Students
Includes All Fabric, Notions, Sewing Supplies & One Sewing Machine
This Pricing Is For A 10-Mile Radius
Logistically We Cannot Offer Makeups

Fall Session: Editorial Shoot
Winter Session: Brand Commercials
Spring Session: Fashion Show May 31st, 2025