A designer fragrance is always the best accessory. Accompany us as we help you formulate a deluxe scent for you with your convenience in mind. Book us for your special event as we travel to you or plan an event through us and create a fragrance in house. Qualified perfumers will stand alongside you as we develop a scent that embodies the very essence of your inspiration, we will readily guide you through the copious library of aromas through high notes, middle notes, and low notes until you find the right match for you.

         As a newly trained perfumer you will become familiar with the least understood primal sense of smell and develop an understanding of scents as you experiment with mixology to find your perfect blend. Graphic designers will expertly render a creative angle for your customizable branded bottle, leaving the bar with a unique fragrance designed, bottled and branded by you.

Duration: 3 Hours

$1500 includes 10 students

Additional students $75/each

Max 32 Students

Note: Class is all ages (Kids & Adults)