With complete one-on-one assistance from one of our talented fashion designers, any obstacle you may encounter while creating a garment will be overcome during the duration of this course.

Featuring full access to the Unincorporated Studio you’ll be in the best of hands while focusing in on your personal goals in order fully develop you creative ideas. You will be studying the art of sewing, draping and intricate garment construction to gain knowledge applicable to your personal brands growth, and development as a young fashion designer.

         You’ll be able to study advanced pattern making techniques to better facilitate communication when running an order through your clothing lines suppliers. No time wasted when our sole objective is to meet your goals and surpass your expectations. As a modern, creative studio we support the growth of you as a brand by seeing that your ideas actually come to fruition; we will assist you from start to finish by providing the best services and quality industry information. The Unincorporated Life team is readily available so give us a call and lets schedule an in studio private.

2 Hour Minimum 

Everything Included

All Ages

Registration Non-Refundable