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Welcome to your world. Brought to you by, The Unincorporated Life.

 Introducing The Unincorporated Life’s revamped dual semester class, featuring a heightened syllabus that targets four of the five senses. During this 8-month long process you will initiate world conceptualization by mastering garment construction with the assistance of a formally disciplined instructor, excelling in the art of fabric feel, cut, drape and manipulation. Moreover you will continue to construct your world by formulating a scent that compliments your design with the newly added Fragrance lab, headlining essences utilized by renowned fashion hauses to facilitate your other worldly creation. Nearing the end you will encompass your microcosm into an editorial spread captured in a highly specialized studio to ensure the uppermost quality for your audiences sight to behold.

Continuing the program you will envelope the final product into a high grade commercial that allows you to communicate with your brand followers; so not only do they get to feel and wear your garment, but also smell your fragrance, see your editorial and also hear your ideas direct from the source and come to fruition before their very eyes. Culminating in a high production fashion show approaching the end of April 2018, which will showcase your world in all four senses leaving you with a taste for success and the audiences hungry for more.

 Starting out September and October with touch, we’ll dive into the very core of your world by sharpening your knowledge of fabric choice, and honing in your ideas onto an industry standard mood board that will aid you in the process of vision execution. You will be assisted by practiced fashion designers that will expedite the process of garment construction by offering industry techniques that will bring about the highest quality of garment you can achieve.

Come November you will sit down with our perfume specialists and create a scent that will transport your clientele to another world! You will design your own quality branded bottle with our professional digital designers to further capture your vision, but most notably you will choose essences from an array of scents featured in recent designer perfumes, but create a signature smell all your own.

December coming up and it’s time to capture the development of your world with an editorial spread to wow the crowd. You’re center stage as you learn how to develop a narrative to entrance your readers and create a visionary spread that will have your followers rhapsodizing over. With a fully equipped photography studio let your imagination run wild as you work with credited stylists, make-up gurus and highly qualified photographers to bring your vision to life!

New year, new designs so why stop at one? With the dual semester program you are now able to create a mini capsule collection and continue developing your world for the spring 2018 fashion show. Sign back up for the second semester and lets keep the ball rolling with more designs, top-notch commercials and a magazine spread to remember and promote your vision!

February, be ready to shine as you take spotlight in front of our studio cameras and trained videographers for your personalized commercial campaign. Our instructors are here to guide you every step of the way as you vocalize your brand’s ideology to the masses, and prospective clientele. Learn how to communicate effectively and proudly present to your audience the world you have tirelessly been working on.

Spring fashion show is approaching come March and April, and the countdown is on to exhibit the world you have been diligently working on for the past 8 months! It all comes together as you sew the custom tag into your hand-crafted garment, approve of your fragrance and bottle, make final cuts to your image spread for The Unincorporated Life magazine, and finalize your commercial for your campaign. All that’s left to do is grace the catwalk in one final grandiose fashion show that launches your microcosm into the market, and leaves an impression to last a lifetime, or until you sign back up next year!