December 17, 2015 3 min read

On a beautiful Saturday night in Hollywood, 60 young designers debuted hand-made, original clothing labels in front of hundreds of people, modeling unique outfits to thunderous applause and bringing months of hard work and immersion in high fashion to a crescendo of color and camera flashes at our Fall 2015 Student Fashion Show.

Creating every detail of their outfits by hand, dedicated, Unincorporated Designers tested the limits of their creativity and honed their technical ability week after week in preparation for this high-profile event.

They invented brands from scratch, rendering custom logos and overseeing every nuance of construction. They were the brand visionary, head seamstress, and creative designer. They were the marketing department and the runway model. They single-handedly filled nearly every role involved in bringing a clothing label to market, and most juggled these responsibilities with grade school and the added pressure of being a kid.

Like previous shows, we were honored to work side by side with TONI&GUY Hairdressing Academies, who emptied two locations and sent a large team of student hairstylists and their instructors to add their time and talent into the mix. Armed with massive makeup kits and ready for any student’s request, volunteers from Cinema Makeup School also converged on our Hollywood Studio as part of the pre-show team.

As the designers prepared for show time, bartenders arrived to prep libations and a full kitchen was assembled to put the final touches on the hors d’oeuvres that would serve our guests’ needs while they enjoyed a reel of student commercials which educated them on the inspiration behind the designs and technical details about the collections.

The energy was electric at our global headquarters as our Fall 2015 Student Fashion Show commenced.

Spotlights focused and electro swing bumping, the room was transformed into a storm of creative energy, the young designers brushing aside all trepidation and owning the evening, fearless and proud of their accomplishments.

We can only assume that each of them…alone, at center stage in front of a capacity crowd in Hollywood, in outfits born of their own imaginations and constructed with their own hands...experience a moment of realization where they fully understand that they can do anything they set their mind to.

As the show ended and dessert was served, designers rejoined their families, exchanged bouquets, and headed to the black carpet logo wall for photos. Guests perused retail displays and purchased high-end clothing designed by focused students just weeks before as the valet stand began processing a seemingly endless amount of vehicles that stretched around the block and out of sight.

It was the perfect evening.

Minds were blown. Dozens of kids experienced an exalted state of consciousness and most importantly, everyone had an amazing time—because every single person involved in the production, from student to teacher to chef to support staff, all came ready to work. We were Here On Business, and it was an honor to share our brand, and the dozens created within our walls, with the families and clients that support our ability to offer this refreshingly unique opportunity.

We all came together to celebrate the creativity of a group of dedicated students, empower the next generation of young designers, and redefine the fashion scene here in Los Angeles. And to that end…we were successful.