A Unisex, 100% cotton, white tee. With a simple branding on the front to a detailed story on the back. The back of the T-Shirt looks plain and simple. That is why our brand is called Magnify, because things are not always what they seem. At the top, it states the name of the designer, Bij Adl, and Los Angeles, which is where it was designed. It then has Magnify’s signature design: coordinates. The coordinates represent where the designer, Bij Adl, designed the piece. It is then followed by ‘magnify, MAGNIFIED’ this represents that after you magnify and look closer, you see a whole new world of different perspectives, when it’s MAGNIFIED. At the bottom, it has x= a magnifying glass. This represents that x represents anything and everything. And the only way to achieve that, is by looking closer, or else you won’t get the whole answer. The tee shirt represents that everything is different, all it takes is a little closer look. ‘Magnify, look closer, DEEPER'