Our students love making their own products!

This Unincorporated Lip Balm Kit is a perfect symphony of fashion, art, science, business, and your own creative vision.

Now you can experience an Unincorporated Makeup Camp while creating a quality product from the comfort of home. So dim the lights, put on some smooth music, and get ready to turn your room into a science lab. Make this experience your own and dive into the world of beauty product development.

This premium Lip Balm Kit comes with everything you need to get started mixing up an original product while learning the tips and tricks of the trade.

With natural, organic ingredients such as natural beeswax, castor oil, coconut oil, and gourmet, food-grade flavoring oil, you can be confident knowing you and your customers are applying healthy makeup with no artificial chemicals or additives.

Glam it up with glitter pigments or keep it natural…it's all up to you. Sample it to tweak your recipe and make it perfect so your lip balm is the bomb!

With high-quality ingredients and tools and easy-to-follow instructions, you’ll have fun learning a cool skill and know you’re making a quality product.

Design custom lip balm for clients and friends or start a business with the skills you’ve learned. No matter what path you choose, this Lip Balm Kit is sure to upgrade your smile!
What’s Included:
+ 1 Surface Mat
+ 1 Metal Bowl
+ 1 Beaker
+ 2 Metal Lip Balm Containers
+ 2 Pipettes
+ 1 Pair of Gloves
+ 1 Unincorporated Pen
+ 1 Metal Spoon
+ 5 Wooden Spatulas
+ 1 Bag of Beeswax
+ 3 Glitter Pigments
+ 2 Flavors: Honeysuckle & Vanilla (4ml bottles)
+ 1 Sticker Sheet
+ 2 Black Velvet Travel Bags

Not Included:
+ Tablespoon
+ Teaspoon

+ Educational
+ Entrepreneurial
+ ECO-Friendly: Where possible, our packaging and tools are sourced in glass, metal or wood
+ For Kids and Adults (Ages 10 and up)
+ Great for parents and kid to do together!
+ Parent’s assistance required for hot water